Molecular Distribution of Monocarboxylic Acids in Asuka Carbonaceous Chondrites from Antarctica

  title={Molecular Distribution of Monocarboxylic Acids in Asuka Carbonaceous Chondrites from Antarctica},
  author={Hiroshi Naraoka and Akira Shimoyama and Kaoru Harada},
  journal={Origins of life and evolution of the biosphere},
Molecular distribution of low-molecular-weight monocarboxylic acids was studied in three CM2 Asuka carbonaceous chondrites (A-881280, A-881334 and A-881458), which were recovered from Antarctica by the 29th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1988. GC and GC/MS analyses identified more than 30 monocarboxylic acids in A-881458, including aliphatic and aromatic acids with various structural isomers. Isomeric phenolic compounds were also identified. The aliphatic carboxylic acids have… CONTINUE READING

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