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Moir\'e induced electronic structure in monolayer V$_{2}$S$_{3}$ on Au(111)

  title={Moir\'e induced electronic structure in monolayer V\$\_\{2\}\$S\$\_\{3\}\$ on Au(111)},
  author={Umut Kamber and Sahar Pakdel and Raluca Stan and Anand Kamlapure and Brian Thomas Kiraly and Fabian Arnold and Andreas Eich and Arlette S. Ngankeu and Marco Bianchi and Jill A. Miwa and Charlotta E. Sanders and Nicola Lanat{\`a} and Philip Hofmann and Alexander Ako Khajetoorians},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
There is immense interest in how the local environment influences the electronic structure of materials at the single layer limit. We characterize moire induced spatial variations in the electronic structure of in-situ grown monolayer V$_{2}$S$_{3}$ on Au(111) by means of low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. We observe a long-range modulation of the integrated local density of states (LDOS), and quantify this modulation with respect to the moire superstructure for… 

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Furthermore, these domains form with three different rotations
The exact same area is measured at Vs= -10 mV (Fig. S2(c)), showing that the contrast of the moiré superstructure disappears at low biases, while another longer range modulation appears