Mohammed, Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe: Archaeology and the Pirenne Thesis

  title={Mohammed, Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe: Archaeology and the Pirenne Thesis},
  author={David Whitehouse and Richard Hodges},
Merovingian Gaul and the Mediterranean: Ceramics and Trade
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The Debate on Negev Viticulture and Gaza Wine in Late Antiquity
One hundred fifty years have passed since the first published reference in modern Western scholarship to ancient wine production in the Negev Highland desert, and much is now known about its
Are Postcolonial Narratives useful in Al-Andalus Archaeology?.
Archaeological investigations of al-Andalus has become increasingly important in medieval studies, but it has traditionally been left out of the research agenda of European medieval archaeology. This
The Fractured-Land Hypothesis
Patterns of political unification and fragmentation have crucial implications for comparative economic development. Diamond (1997) famously argued that “fractured land” was responsible for China's
Approaches to the Analysis of Production Activity at Archaeological Sites
Daily life is understood as being marked by the actions of people to ensure their bodily and general well-being, occurring mainly within their homes and the directly surrounding areas. On Elephantine
Innovation or preservation? Abbasid aubergines, archaeobotany, and the Islamic Green Revolution
The topic of agricultural innovation in the Early Islamic empires has become increasingly relevant for archeology, history, and even agricultural science. The validity of Andrew Watson’s original
Plagues and Socioeconomic Collapse
‘Civilization both in East and West was visited by a destructive plague that devastated nations and caused populations to vanish’, the Arab traveller and philosopher Ibn Khaldun wrote in 1377. ‘It
Inscribed Administrative Material Culture And The Development Of The Umayyad State In Syria-Palestine 661-750 Ce
The Viking Age settlement pattern of Langholt, North Iceland: Results of the Skagafjörður Archaeological Settlement Survey
An archaeological survey of the Viking Age settlement pattern in the Langholt region of North Iceland suggests that being early in this sequence conferred tremendous advantages to the settlers of