Moencopi Variations from Whorf's Second Mesa Hopi

  title={Moencopi Variations from Whorf's Second Mesa Hopi},
  author={Clyde Kluckhohn and Kenneth MacLeish},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={150 - 156}
1. WHORF'S LETTER TO KLUCKHOHN (DATED JUNE 9, 1937) Dear Dr. Kluckhohn: I am sending you today or tomorrow the Hopi vocabulary which I have prepared for you. I got interested in the job and it is somewhat larger than I at first intended, but should be the more useful for that reason. I am rather interested to see what will happen with an ethnologist going to the field already equipped with a substantially correct vocabulary and outline of the language of size sufficient for all conversational… 
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This dissertation investigates the linguistic and technological challenges involved in creating a cross-linguistic data set to undertake phonological typology, and addresses the question of whether more sophisticated, knowledge-based approaches to data modeling can extend previous typological observations and provide new ways of querying segment inventories.