Moduli stabilization with F-term uplifting in heterotic string theory

  title={Moduli stabilization with F-term uplifting in heterotic string theory},
  author={Kwang Sik Jeong and Seodong Shin},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We discuss the role of F-term uplifting in stabilizing moduli within the framework of heterotic string theory. It turns out that the uplifting sector plays an important role in fixing the volume modulus at one of the self-dual points of a modular invariant potential. For the volume modulus stabilized at a self-dual point, the F-term uplifting leads to the dilation stabilization which can naturally yield the mirage mediation pattern of soft supersymmetry breaking terms. Generalizing to the case… 

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F-term uplift in heterotic M-theory ☆




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