Moduli stabilization and supersymmetry breaking in deflected mirage mediation

  title={Moduli stabilization and supersymmetry breaking in deflected mirage mediation},
  author={Lisa L. Everett and Ian‐Woo Kim and Peter Ouyang and Kathryn M. Zurek},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We present a model of supersymmetry breaking in which the contributions from gravity/modulus, anomaly, and gauge mediation are all comparable. We term this scenario ``deflected mirage mediation'', which is a generalization of the KKLT-motivated mirage mediation scenario to include gauge mediated contributions. These contributions deflect the gaugino mass unification scale and alter the pattern of soft parameters at low energies. In some cases, this results in a gluino LSP and light stops; in… 

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