Moduli integrals in liouville gravity

  title={Moduli integrals in liouville gravity},
  author={Y. Ishimoto},
  journal={Czechoslovak Journal of Physics},
  • Y. Ishimoto
  • Published 2006
  • Physics
  • Czechoslovak Journal of Physics
We consider moduli integrals appearing in four-point correlation functions of the (p, q) minimal models coupled to Liouville gravity on a sphere, which is sometimes called 2D minimal gravity or minimal string theory on a sphere. Liouville gravity on a sphere is the quantized metric of the spherical topology in the conformal gauge. Reviewing the previous results on such four-point functions (Y. Ishimoto and Sh. Yamaguchi: Phys. Lett. B607 (2005) 172), we show logarithmic correlation functions of… Expand