Moduli Spaces of Self-Dual Connections over Asymptotically Locally Flat Gravitational Instantons

  title={Moduli Spaces of Self-Dual Connections over Asymptotically Locally Flat Gravitational Instantons},
  author={G{\'a}bor Etesi and Marcos Jardim},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • G. Etesi, M. Jardim
  • Published 24 August 2006
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
We investigate Yang–Mills instanton theory over four dimensional asymptotically locally flat (ALF) geometries, including gravitational instantons of this type, by exploiting the existence of a natural smooth compactification of these spaces introduced by Hausel–Hunsicker–Mazzeo. First referring to the codimension 2 singularity removal theorem of Sibner–Sibner and Rade we prove that given a smooth, finite energy, self-dual SU(2) connection over a complete ALF space, its energy is congruent to a… 
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