Modulatory actions of norepinephrine on neural circuits.

  title={Modulatory actions of norepinephrine on neural circuits.},
  author={D. J. Woodward and Hylan C. Moises and Barry D. Waterhouse and Hermes H. Yeh and J E Cheun},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
A spectrum of studies has been conducted on a single aspect of NE function in which, through a beta-one receptor activation, NE appears to mediate a degree of physiological control over the gain of GABA mediated inhibition. It is significant that this single effect has been observed in numerous interrelated preparations ranging from single isolated Purkinje cells from young rats to adult Purkinje cells in awake locomoting rats. With respect to the functional conse-quences of these effects, our… CONTINUE READING