Modulation of transmission at a glutamate synapse.

  title={Modulation of transmission at a glutamate synapse.},
  author={Alan R. Freeman and Richard P. Shank and Jeffrey O. Kephart and M S Dekin and Marilene B Wang},
  journal={Journal de physiologie},
  volume={75 6},
The amino acid L-aspartate markedly potentiates the responses elicited by L-glutamate at excitatory neuromuscular synapses in lobster walking limbs. Results are consistent with the idea that aspartate increases the affinity between glutamate and its binding sites in the postsynaptic receptor. Although complications due to release from other amino acid sources are a serious qualification, studies of neurally induced release of glutamate and aspartate suggest that both amino acids are released… CONTINUE READING
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