Modulation of tolerance by mutant heat shock transcription factors.

  title={Modulation of tolerance by mutant heat shock transcription factors.},
  author={Weiling Xia and Nuria Vilaboa and Jody L Martin and Ruben Mestril and Yan Guo and Richard Voellmy},
  journal={Cell stress & chaperones},
  volume={4 1},
It ought to be possible to recruit normal cellular defenses to mitigate ischemia/reperfusion damage and to reduce toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs. Stress-preconditioned cells acquire a tolerant state characterized by increased resistance to such insults. This state is widely believed to be mediated, partially, by heat shock proteins (Hsps). Indirect evidence suggests that stress-induced Hsp expression is controlled by heat shock transcription factor 1 (Hsf1), which factor may therefore… CONTINUE READING
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