Modulation of the pK(a) of metal-bound water via oxidation of thiolato sulfur in model complexes of Co(III) containing nitrile hydratase: insight into possible effect of cysteine oxidation in Co-nitrile hydratase.

The Co(III) complexes of N,N'-bis(2-mercaptophenyl)pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide (PyPSH(4)), a designed pentadentate ligand with built-in carboxamide and thiolate groups, have been synthesized and studied to gain insight into the role of Cys-S oxidation in Co-containing nitrile hydratase (Co-NHase). Reaction of [Co(NH(3))(5)Cl]Cl(2) with PyPS(4)(-) in DMF… CONTINUE READING