Modulation of the mechano-chemical properties of myosin V by drebrin-E.

  title={Modulation of the mechano-chemical properties of myosin V by drebrin-E.},
  author={Hiroaki Kubota and Ryoki Ishikawa and Takashi Ohki and Junji Ishizuka and Sergey V. Mikhailenko and Shin'ichi Ishiwata},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={400 4},
The regulation of actin filament networks by various proteins has essential roles in the growth cone dynamics. In this study we focused on the actin-myosin interaction which has been suggested to be an important player in the neurite extension. We examined in vitro how the decoration of actin filaments with a side-binding protein, drebrin-E, affects the motile properties of an intracellular transporter myosin V. Single myosin V molecules landed on the drebrin-E-decorated actin filaments with a… CONTINUE READING

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