Modulation of the human nociceptive reflex by cyclic movements

  title={Modulation of the human nociceptive reflex by cyclic movements},
  author={Ole Kaeseler Andersen and L. M. Jensen and Jannick Brennum and Lars Arendt-Nielsen},
  journal={European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology},
During static conditions the nociceptive reflex is known to vary as a function of, for example, the stimulus position, stimulus intensity, and muscle contraction. The aim of the present human study was to investigate whether the reflex and the corresponding perception of pain are modulated by cyclic movements of the limb involved. Reflexes, evoked by nociceptive electric stimulation of the sural nerve, were recorded from the biceps femoris and the rectus femoris muscles in eight volunteers… CONTINUE READING