Modulation of synaptic transmission in neocortex by network activities.

  title={Modulation of synaptic transmission in neocortex by network activities.},
  author={Sylvain Crochet and Sylvain Chauvette and Sofiane Boucetta and Igor Timofeev},
  journal={The European journal of neuroscience},
  volume={21 4},
Neocortical neurons integrate inputs from thousands of presynaptic neurons that fire in vivo with frequencies that can reach 20 Hz. An important issue in understanding cortical integration is to determine the actual impact of presynaptic firing on postsynaptic neuron in the context of an active network. We used dual intracellular recordings from synaptically connected neurons or microstimulation to study the properties of spontaneous and evoked single-axon excitatory postsynaptic potentials… CONTINUE READING