Modulation of soluble CD40 ligand bioactivity with anti-CD40 antibodies.

  title={Modulation of soluble CD40 ligand bioactivity with anti-CD40 antibodies.},
  author={Robert F. Schwabe and Simone Hess and Judith P. Johnson and Hartmut Engelmann},
  volume={16 3},
The B cell surface molecule CD40 may be activated either by its ligand CD40L or by anti-CD40 antibodies. In this study, five new anti-CD40 monoclonal antibodies (MAb) were characterized. Bioactivity of the MAb was assessed using a receptor hybrid consisting of the extracellular domain of CD40 and the intracellular domain of the p55 TNF receptor as a model for CD40 activation. Two agonistic MAb were able to enhance the activation of this CD40 hybrid CD40L. These MAb bound to an epitope that was… CONTINUE READING

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