Modulation of motor cortex excitability induced by pinch grip repetition

  title={Modulation of motor cortex excitability induced by pinch grip repetition},
  author={A. Gorsler and Simone Zittel and Cornelius Weiller and Alexander M{\"u}nchau and Joachim Liepert},
  journal={Journal of Neural Transmission},
We examined the influence of right handed pinch grips and the effect of a motor training on motor cortex excitability of the left first dorsal interosseus muscle (FDI). TMS single and paired pulses were applied over the right human motor cortex (M1) during and after right handed pinch grips with low force. In another experiment, these stimulations were performed before and after a 30-minute right handed pinch grip training. Results: MEP amplitudes in left FDI were reduced when TMS single pulses… CONTINUE READING