Modulation of memory retention by neuropeptide K.

  title={Modulation of memory retention by neuropeptide K.},
  author={James Flood and Max L. Baker and Emelina Hernandez and J Eileen Morley},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={520 1-2},
Neuropeptide K (NPK) is one of the structures in beta-preprotachykinin which also includes substance P. NPK, a 36 amino acid peptide, contains the sequence of neurokinin A as amino acids 27-36 of its C-terminus. Neurokinin A is also contained separately in the gamma-preprotachykinin precursor. Both NPK (2.5-10 micrograms) and neurokinin A administered intracerebroventricularly after footshock avoidance training in the T-maze enhanced memory retention in CD-1 male mice. Local microinjections of… CONTINUE READING