Modulation of human neutrophils' oxidative burst by flavonoids.

  title={Modulation of human neutrophils' oxidative burst by flavonoids.},
  author={Daniela D'Amelio Melara Ribeiro and Marisa Freitas and Sara M. Tom{\'e} and Artur M S Silva and Graça Porto and Eduarda Fernandes},
  journal={European journal of medicinal chemistry},
Inflammation is a normal response towards tissue injury, but may become deleterious to the organism if uncontrolled. The overproduction of reactive species during the inflammatory process may cause or magnify the damage at inflammatory sites. Flavonoids have been suggested as therapeutic agents to avoid such damage, as these compounds exhibit anti-inflammatory activity, through the modulation of oxidative stress and signalling pathways. Both effects may attenuate neutrophils' activities at… CONTINUE READING


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