Modulation of human cortical rolandic rhythms during natural sensorimotor tasks.

  title={Modulation of human cortical rolandic rhythms during natural sensorimotor tasks.},
  author={Stephan Salenius and Alfons Schnitzler and Riitta Salmelin and Veikko Jousm{\"a}ki and Riitta Hari},
  volume={5 3},
We studied modulation of cortical neuromagnetic rhythms in association with left and right median nerve stimulation, during rest, finger movements, and passive tactile hand stimulation, in seven healthy, right-handed adults. In the rest condition, the amplitude of the rhythmic sensorimotor activity decreased immediately after the median nerve stimuli and increased above the prestimulus level within 0.4 s afterward, especially in the 7- to 25-Hz band. The rebound occurred 100-300 ms earlier for… CONTINUE READING
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