Modulation of hepatotoxicity by macrophages in the liver.

  title={Modulation of hepatotoxicity by macrophages in the liver.},
  author={Yasushi Shiratori and Tateo Kawase and Shuichiro Shiina and Ken'ichi Okano and Takeshi Sugimoto and Hiroki Teraoka and Sadaya Matano and Kozo Matsumoto and Kazuo Kamii},
  volume={8 4},
In an attempt to elucidate the role of hepatic macrophages in liver injury, we investigated galactosamine-treated rats (500 mg per kg body weight). The rats received an i.v. injection of latex particles (2 x 10(9) particles per animal) prior to (latex-galactosamine) or 12 to 16 hr subsequent to the galactosamine treatment (galactosamine-latex). Effect of superoxide dismutase on hepatic injury induced by galactosamine or galactosamine-latex treatment was also examined. Oxygen-derived free… CONTINUE READING


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