Modulation of gastric mucosal calcium channel activity by sucralfate.

  title={Modulation of gastric mucosal calcium channel activity by sucralfate.},
  author={Bronislaw L. Slomiany and Jianping Liu and Amalia Slomiany},
  journal={Biochemistry international},
  volume={28 6},
A gastric mucosal calcium channel complex was isolated from solubilized epithelial cell membranes by affinity chromatography on wheat germ agglutinin. The complex following reconstitution into phosphatidylcholine vesicles exhibited an active 45Ca2+ uptake and responded to calcium channel activator, BAY K8644, and the antagonist, PN200-110. The uptake of 45Ca2+ was inhibited by an antiulcer agent, sucralfate, which at 100 micrograms/ml evoked maximal inhibitory effect of 52%. The channel complex… CONTINUE READING