Modulation of fluorouracil cytotoxicity by interferon-alpha and -gamma.

  title={Modulation of fluorouracil cytotoxicity by interferon-alpha and -gamma.},
  author={Abdel Salam Attia Ismail and Cees J. van Groeningen and Anthea Hardcastle and Qun Ren and G. Wynne Aherne and F. Geoffroy and Carmen Joseph Allegra and Jean L Grem},
  journal={Molecular pharmacology},
  volume={53 2},
Because interferons (IFN)-alpha and -gamma individually have increased fluorouracil (FUra) cytotoxicity in several in vitro models, we studied the effects of FUra combined with IFN-alpha + gamma in HT29 colon cancer cells. A 96-hr exposure to IFN-alpha (500 units/ml) plus IFN-gamma (10 units/ml) and a 72-hr exposure to 0. 25-1 microM FUra (hr 24-96) inhibited cell growth and colony formation in an additive or more-than-additive fashion. When cells were exposed to IFN-alpha + gamma and FUra… CONTINUE READING
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