Modulation of endogenous production of H2S in rat tissues.

  title={Modulation of endogenous production of H2S in rat tissues.},
  author={Weimin Zhao and Joseph Fomusi Ndisang and Rui Wang},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={81 9},
H2S is an important gasotransmitter with a vasorelaxant property. The modulation of endogenous H2S generation from different tissues and the functional consequence of this modulation are not clear. In the present study, the production of H2S from vascular tissues as well as the liver and ileum of rats was measured. The H2S production rate was significantly greater in rat liver than rat vascular tissues. H2S production in rat aortae, ileum, and liver tissues was upregulated by sodium… CONTINUE READING