Modulation of cardiac Ca2+ channels by IGF1.

  title={Modulation of cardiac Ca2+ channels by IGF1.},
  author={Michele L. Solem and A. P. Thomas},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={252 1},
Although there are several reports on the regulation of neuronal and skeletal muscle voltage-sensitive calcium channels by IGF1, the effects of short-term IGF1 exposure on cardiac Ca2+ channels have not been described. We measured the activity of nitrendipine-sensitive Ca2+ channels of intact cardiac myocytes in the presence of IGF1 by monitoring unidirectional Mn2+ influx measured as the quench of cytosolic fura-2 in electrically stimulated or K+-depolarized cells. Maximal channel activation… CONTINUE READING


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