Modulation of brain activity during phonological familiarization.

  title={Modulation of brain activity during phonological familiarization.},
  author={Steve Majerus and Martial van der Linden and Fabienne Collette and Steve Laureys and Martine Poncelet and Christian Degueldre and Guy Delfiore and Andr{\'e} Luxen and Eric Salmon},
  journal={Brain and language},
  volume={92 3},
We measured brain activity in 12 adults for the repetition of auditorily presented words and nonwords, before and after repeated exposure to their phonological form. The nonword phoneme combinations were either of high (HF) or low (LF) phonotactic frequency. After familiarization, we observed, for both word and nonword conditions, decreased activation in the left posterior superior temporal gyrus, in the bilateral temporal pole and middle temporal gyri. At the same time, interaction analysis… CONTINUE READING