Modulation of baroreceptor activity by nitric oxide and S-nitrosocysteine.


The goal of this study was to determine whether nitric oxide (NO) and the NO donor, S-nitrosocysteine (cysNO), modulate the activity of carotid sinus baroreceptors. Baroreceptor activity was recorded from the vascularly isolated carotid sinus in anesthetized rabbits. Baroreceptor activity decreased in a dose-dependent manner after injection of either NO or… (More)


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@article{Matsuda1995ModulationOB, title={Modulation of baroreceptor activity by nitric oxide and S-nitrosocysteine.}, author={Toshio Matsuda and Jeremy Bates and Spencer Lewis and François M. Abboud and M. W Chapleau}, journal={Circulation research}, year={1995}, volume={76 3}, pages={426-33} }