Modulation-assisted tunneling in laser-fabricated photonic Wannier–Stark ladders

  title={Modulation-assisted tunneling in laser-fabricated photonic Wannier–Stark ladders},
  author={Sebabrata Mukherjee and Alexander Spracklen and Debaditya Choudhury and Nathan Goldman and Patrik {\"O}hberg and Erika Andersson and Robert R. Thomson},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
We observe Wannier–Stark (W–S) localization in curved photonic lattices, realized using arrays of evanescently coupled optical waveguides. By correctly tuning the strength of inter-site coupling in the lattice, we observe that W–S states become increasingly localized, and eventually fully localized to one site, as the curvature of the lattice is increased. We then demonstrate that tunneling can be successfully restored in the lattice by applying a resonant sinusoidal modulation to the lattice… 

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