Modulating Targeted Adhesion of an Ultrasound Contrast Agent to Dysfunctional Endothelium

  title={Modulating Targeted Adhesion of an Ultrasound Contrast Agent to Dysfunctional Endothelium},
  author={Gregory Weller and Flordeliza S. Villanueva and Alexander L. Klibanov and William R Wagner},
  journal={Annals of Biomedical Engineering},
The early stages of atherosclerosis are characterized by increased endothelial cell (EC) surface expression of leukocyte adhesion molecules (LAMs). Ultrasound detection of acoustically active LAM-targeted microbubbles might provide a means to noninvasively assess the functional status of the endothelium. Toward this end, a lipid-based perfluorobutane-filled microbubble was synthesized with various densities of anti-ICAM-1 monoclonal antibodies conjugated to the bubble shell. We hypothesized… CONTINUE READING


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