Modulated string searching

  title={Modulated string searching},
  author={Alberto Apostolico and P{\'e}ter L. Erd{\"o}s and Istv{\'a}n Mikl{\'o}s and Johannes Siemons},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},

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Faster pattern matching with character classes using prime number encoding

Generalized String Matching

A generalization of string matching, in which the pattern is a sequence of pattern elements, each compatible with a set of symbols, is investigated, which shows that generalized string matching requires a time-space product of $\Omega ({{n^2 } / {\log n}})$ on a powerful model of computation, when the alphabet is restricted to n symbols.

Approximate Matching in the L1 Metric

An algorithm is provided that solves the k-L1-distance problem in time and applies a bounded divide-and-conquer approach and makes novel uses of non-boolean convolutions.

Approximate Matching in the L 1 Metric

This work provides an algorithm that solves the k-L1-distance problem in time O(n √ k log k) and applies a bounded divide-and-conquer approach and makes novel uses of non-boolean convolutions.

Efficient pattern matching with scaling

Efficient 2-dimensional approximate matching of non-rectangular figures

A O(kn2 √ m logm √ k log k + k2n2) algorithm which combines convolutions with dynamic programming is shown which solves the Smaller Matching Problem and the k-Aligned Ones with Location Problem.

Asymptotically Fast Algorithms for the Numerical Multiplication and Division of Polynomials with Complex Coeficients

Under reasonable assumptions, polynomial multiplication and discrete Fourier transforms of length n and in l-bit precision are possible in time O(ψ (nl), and division of polynomials in O(n(l+n))).

Generalizations of the Karatsuba Algorithm for Efficient Implementations

In this work we generalize the classical Karatsuba Algorithm (KA) for polynomial multiplication to (i) polynomials of arbitrary degree and (ii) recursive use. We determine exact complexity

Multiplication of Multidigit Numbers on Automata

Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective

Prime numbers beckon to the beginner, the basic notion of primality being accessible to a child. Yet, some of the simplest questions about primes have stumped humankind for millennia. In this book,