Modularity in the Organization of Mouse Primary Visual Cortex

  title={Modularity in the Organization of Mouse Primary Visual Cortex},
  author={Weiqing Ji and Răzvan Gămănuț and Pawan Bista and Rinaldo D. D’Souza and Quanxin Wang and Andreas Burkhalter},
Layer 1 (L1) of primary visual cortex (V1) is the target of projections from many brain regions outside of V1. We found that inputs to the non-columnar mouse V1 from the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus and feedback projections from multiple higher cortical areas to L1 are patchy. The patches are matched to a pattern of M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor expression at fixed locations of mouse, rat, and monkey V1. Neurons in L2/3 aligned with M2-rich patches have high spatial acuity, whereas… CONTINUE READING


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