Modularity Index Metrics for Java-Based Open Source Software Projects


Open Source Software (OSS) Projects are gaining popularity these days, and they become alternatives in building software system. Despite many failures in these projects, there are some success stories with one of the identified success factors is modularity. This paper presents the first quantitative software metrics to measure modularity level of Java-based OSS Projects called Modularity Index. This software metrics is formulated by analyzing modularity traits such as size, complexity, cohesion, and coupling of 59 Java-based OSS Projects from using SONAR tool. These OSS Projects are selected since they have been downloaded more than 100K times and believed to have the required modularity trait to be successful. The software metrics related to modularity in class, package and system level of these projects are extracted and analyzed. The similarities found are then analyzed to determine the class quality, package quality, and then combined with system architecture measure to formulate the Modularity Index. The case study of measuring Modularity Index during the evolution of JFreeChart project has shown that this software metrics is able to identify strengths and potential problems of the project. Keywords-Open source software projects; modularity; Java; sourceforge; software metrics; system architecture.

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