Modular operads

  title={Modular operads},
  author={Ezra Getzler and M. M. Kapranov},
  journal={Compositio Mathematica},
We develop a ‘higher genus’ analogue of operads, which we call modular operads, in which graphs replace trees in the definition. We study a functor F on the category of modular operads, the Feynman transform, which generalizes Kontsevich’s graph complexes and also the bar construction for operads. We calculate the Euler characteristic of the Feynman transform, using the theory of symmetric functions: our formula is modelled on Wick’s theorem. We give applications to the theory of moduli spaces… 
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We give a new proof of formality of the operad of little disks. The proof makes use of an operadic version of a simple formality criterion for commutative differential graded algebras due to
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(0.1) The purpose of this paper is to relate two seemingly disparate developments. One is the theory of graph cohomology of Kontsevich [Kon 2 3] which arose out of earlier works of Penner [Pe] and
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Operads and -spaces.- Operads and monads.- A? and E? operads.- The little cubes operads .- Iterated loop spaces and the .- The approximation theorem.- Cofibrations and quasi-fibrations.- The smash
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This paper provides some background to the theory of operads, used in the first author's papers on 2d topological field theory (hep-th/921204, CMP 159 (1994), 265-285; hep-th/9305013). It is intended
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