Modular MEMS-Based Optical Cross-Connect With Large Port-Count


We describe and demonstrate a modular microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based optical cross-connect (OXC) architecture. The OXC port count increases modularly by adding new optical modules, and a maximum cross-connectivity of 350 350 can be achieved in the current design. Each optical module has 16 ports with closed-loop servo-controlled MEMS mirrors. Using a prototype OXC system, mounted in a standard telecommunications equipment bay comprising optical modules, folding mirrors, and other optical elements, we demonstrate switching times of less than 10 ms, excellent optical power stability of less than 0.15-dB variation, and immunity to stochastic vibrations. An automatic power peak-up process is performed when the power falls below 0.5 dB off the maximum coupled power for any connection.

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