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Modular Audio Platform for Youth Engagement in a Museum Context

  title={Modular Audio Platform for Youth Engagement in a Museum Context},
  author={Kari Salo},
  • Kari Salo
  • Published 8 March 2019
  • Computer Science
Today, cultural organizations such as museums are seeking new ways to attract and engage audiences. Augmented reality and digital storytelling applications are considered very promising. The target is to provide more interactive experiences for an audience highly familiar with digital interaction. Typically, these experiments utilize separate individual applications. If a cultural institution would like to utilize for example augmented reality and digital storytelling in their service offering… 
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A prototype audio augmented reality-based tour guide that superimposes audio on the world based on where a user is located is proposed for use as an automated tour guide in museums and is expected to enhance the social aspects of museum visits, compared to taped tour guides.
Digital Storytelling for Cultural Heritage: A Modular, Multi-channel, Multi-scenario Approach
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