Modular Antipermissive Control of Discrete-event Systems


The paper concerns modular supervisory control of discrete-event systems (DES), where the overall system is composed of subsystems that are combined in a synchronous (parallel) product. Recently it has been shown that under very general conditions closed-loop languages under permissive control policy (introduced by coinduction as a new operation called supervised product) distribute with the synchronous (parallel) product. This paper is focused on the study of distributivity between synchronous product and closed-loop languages with respect to antipermissive control policy. It is guaranteed that under the conditions derived in the paper antipermissive control synthesis can be done locally and the local antipermissive control synthesis yields the same solution as the global control synthesis. An example illustrates that antipermissive control synthesis yields in general larger observable sublanguages than the supremal normal sublanguages are and that the mutual observability as a structural condition is not necessary for distributivity of closed-loop languages under antipermissive control policy with the synchronous product. Copyright c ©2005 IFAC

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