Modified-peptide inhibitors of amyloid beta-peptide polymerization.

  title={Modified-peptide inhibitors of amyloid beta-peptide polymerization.},
  author={Mark A. Findeis and Giovanni Musso and Christopher Arico-Muendel and H W Benjamin and A M Hundal and Jung Joon Lee and Jean Chin and Michael Kelley and Jim Wakefield and N J Hayward and Susan M. Molineaux},
  volume={38 21},
Cellular toxicity resulting from nucleation-dependent polymerization of amyloid beta-peptide (Abeta) is considered to be a major and possibly the primary component of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Inhibition of Abeta polymerization has thus been identified as a target for the development of therapeutic agents for the treatment of AD. The intrinsic affinity of Abeta for itself suggested that Abeta-specific interactions could be adapted to the development of compounds that would bind to Abeta and… CONTINUE READING
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