Modified GPT PKC with Right Scrambler


In 1991 Gabidulin, Paramonov and Tretjakov presented a public key cryptosystem of the McEliece type based on rank codes correcting array errors, GPT system. The main advantage of rank codes is that it is impossible to use combinatoric decoding for these codes. This enabled using public keys of smaller sizes. Subsequently in a series of works Gibson developed attacks that break the GPT system for public keys of about 5 Kbits. In this paper, we present a new PKC based on the idea of a right scrambler | a special non-singular matrix by which the public key is multiplied to the right. A right scrambler `mixes' columns of the public key. It makes system more resistant to structural attacks at the little extra cost of a few additional columns. Possible attacks were carefully studied. The system is secure against known attacks for public keys greater than 10 Kbits.

DOI: 10.1016/S1571-0653(04)00168-4

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@article{Gabidulin2001ModifiedGP, title={Modified GPT PKC with Right Scrambler}, author={Ernst M. Gabidulin and Alexei V. Ourivski}, journal={Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics}, year={2001}, volume={6}, pages={168-177} }