Modified Babenko’s Equation For Periodic Gravity Waves On Water Of Finite Depth

  title={Modified Babenko’s Equation For Periodic Gravity Waves On Water Of Finite Depth},
  author={Evgueni Dinvay and Nikolay G. Kuznetsov},
  journal={The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics},
  • E. DinvayN. Kuznetsov
  • Published 18 May 2018
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics
A new operator equation for periodic gravity waves on water of finite depth is derived and investigated; it is equivalent to Babenko’s equation considered in Kuznetsov and Dinvay (Water Waves, 1, 2019). Both operators in the proposed equation are nonlinear and depend on the parameter equal to the mean depth of water, whereas each solution defines a parametric representation for a symmetric free surface profile. The latter is a component of a solution of the two-dimensional, nonlinear problem… 

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