[Modification of the method for staining DNA with basic dyes].


The author studied the mechanisms and the applicability in histochemistry of the sodium bisulfate treatment with subsequent toluidine and methylene blue staining after Felgen's hydrolysis. Bisulfite treatment proved to increase the reaction intensity 11/2-fold; the stain is bound stoichiometrically. Toludidine blue results in a metachromatic and anisotropic staining of the cell nuclei. The method is recommended as a sensitive test for DNA in cytochemical investigations and for the study of dichroism of the DNA-containing structures.

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@article{renpreisa1977ModificationOT, title={[Modification of the method for staining DNA with basic dyes].}, author={E. A. {\'E}renpreisa}, journal={Biulleten' eksperimental'noĭ biologii i meditsiny}, year={1977}, volume={83 4}, pages={503-4} }