Modification of the dichotomy boundary on Mars by Amazonian mid‐latitude regional glaciation

  title={Modification of the dichotomy boundary on Mars by Amazonian mid‐latitude regional glaciation},
  author={James W. Head and Amanda L. Nahm and David R. Marchant and Gerhard Neukum},
  journal={Geophysical Research Letters},
Restoration of the dichotomy boundary to its original position to assess its origin requires a thorough knowledge of processes responsible for its degradation and retreat. The unique fretted terrain, located along the Deuteronilus‐Protonilus Mensae northern mid‐latitude portion of the boundary, has been long held to provide clues to dichotomy degradation processes. We use new spacecraft data to show that fretted valleys display a multitude of characteristics typical of integrated valley glacial… 

Evidence for Hesperian glaciation along the Martian dichotomy boundary.

Here we provide geologic and geomorphologic evidence of Hesperian glacial activity along the Martian topographic dichotomy in Aeolis Mensae. Our geologic investigation focuses on a fretted plateau

Lineated valley fill at the Martian dichotomy boundary: Nature and history of degradation

The fretted terrain of the Martian dichotomy boundary is a key region for investigating landforms related to creep of ice and debris as it exhibits landforms comparable to morphologies of periglacial

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The hemispheric dichotomy is a fundamental feature of Mars, expressed by a physiographic and geologic divide between the heavily cratered southern highlands and the relatively smooth plains of the

Late Amazonian Ice Survival in Kasei Valles, Mars

High‐obliquity excursions on Mars are hypothesized to have redistributed water from the poles to nourish mid‐latitude glaciers. Evidence of this process is provided by different types of viscous flow

Patterns of accumulation and flow of ice in the mid-latitudes of Mars during the Amazonian

Late Amazonian glaciation at the dichotomy boundary on Mars: Evidence for glacial thickness maxima and multiple glacial phases

Lineated valley fill (LVF) in fretted valleys at the dichotomy boundary has been interpreted as glacial in origin. Unknown are (1) the original thickness of the glacier ice, (2) the amount of



Crustal history of north central Arabia Terra, Mars

Detailed geological studies across the highland-lowland boundary in north central Arabia Terra, Mars provide constraints on the age and nature of processes responsible for a complex array of

The Martian drainage system and the origin of valley networks and fretted channels

Outflow channels provide strong evidence for abundant water near the Martian surface and an extensive groundwater system. Collapse of the surface into some channels suggests massive subsurface

Ice and debris in the fretted terrain, Mars

Viking moderate- and high-resolution images along the northern highland margin were studied monoscopically and stereoscopically to contribute to an understanding of the development of fretted

Geomorphic analysis of lobate debris aprons on Mars at Mars Orbiter Camera scale: Evidence for ice sublimation initiated by fractures

[1] Lobate debris aprons, known to be geomorphic landform indicators of the presence of ground ice, are of special interest for future missions devoted to the research of water on Mars. Lobate debris

Martian fretted terrain: Flow of erosional debris

Mars Global Surveyor observations of Martian fretted terrain

The Martian fretted terrain between latitudes 30° and 50°N and between 315° and 360°W has been reexamined in light of new Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) and Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) data from

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Pictures returned by the Mariner 9 and Viking missions yield a wealth of new information about Mars. As a result, two new books have appeared recently dealing exclusively with Mars, one by Michael H.

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Foreword by Apollo 17 Astronaut Jack Schmitt - former US Senator and the last human to have walked on the lunar surface.- Imagining.- Watershed.- Warm, Wet, Early Mars.- Oceanus Borealis.- Outbursts,

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