Modification of oxidative stress in response to intestinal preconditioning.

  title={Modification of oxidative stress in response to intestinal preconditioning.},
  author={A P{\'e}rez Sola and Georgina Hotter and Neus Prats and Carme Xaus and Emilio Gelp{\'i} and Joan Rosell{\'o}-Catafau},
  volume={69 5},
Previous studies have demonstrated that intestinal preconditioning protects the organ from ischemia reperfusion damage. Xanthine oxidase mediating free radical generation contributes to the development of injury associated to ischemia reperfusion. Thus, any process able to modulate the oxygen free radical generation system could attenuate the injury. Also, it is known that nitric oxide is implicated in the preconditioning response. The aim of this work is to determine: (1) the effect of… CONTINUE READING