Modification of arterial baroreflexes by captopril in essential hypertension.

  title={Modification of arterial baroreflexes by captopril in essential hypertension.},
  author={Giuseppe Mancia and Gianfranco Parati and Guido Angelo Pomidossi and Guido Grassi and Giovanni Bertinieri and N Buccino and Aldo Ferrari and Luisa Gregorini and L. Rupoli and Alberto Zanchetti},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={49 6},
Captopril lowers blood pressure without increasing heart rate and plasma norepinephrine, which suggests that this drug may potentiate arterial baroreflexes. In eight subjects with untreated essential hypertension, blood pressure was monitored intraarterially and the effects of baroreceptor stimulation or deactivation were assessed by measuring (1) the slopes of the relations between increase or reduction in systolic pressure (intravenous phenylephrine or nitroglycerin) and the resulting… CONTINUE READING


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