Modification of a distraction device.


L l aintaining control of the vector of distraction can hallenging. In an effort to predictably produce enerate along the preplanned vector of distracti e modified the KLS Martin distractor (Tuttlingt ermany) and added cleats to its design. The addition of cleats to the distractor allows asy control of the vector of distraction. The c easure 2 mm wide and are 5 mm long. The oldered onto the proximal and distal component he distraction device ( Fig 1). The cleats fit inside t steotomy site that is prepared with a fissure bur. steotomy is 3 mm wide and just through the b ortex of the mandible. There was no fracture o one edge during device insertion or removal, and egenerate was ossified after removal of the devi We have found multiple advantages to the us leats. First, they are easy to place intraorally. The

DOI: 10.1016/j.joms.2007.06.639

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