Modification and the Performance Enhancement of Solar Biomass Dryer

  title={Modification and the Performance Enhancement of Solar Biomass Dryer},
  author={Tanvir Ahmed and Tanjid Zaman},
  journal={Global Journal of Researches in Engineering},
  • Tanvir Ahmed, T. Zaman
  • Published 15 September 2021
  • Environmental Science, Physics
  • Global Journal of Researches in Engineering
Drying is an important agricultural process, particularly for crops, and shriveled products are used all over the world. The performance of drying green chili was also tested in this article, which created an alternate way of drying agricultural products. The goal of this study is to provide a solar biomass hybrid dryer with improved design, construction, and performance testing. During most hours of the trial, the temperature within the solar collector and dryer was sufficiently higher than… Expand


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