Modes of attachment of acetylcholinesterase to the surface membrane.

  title={Modes of attachment of acetylcholinesterase to the surface membrane.},
  author={Israel Silman and Anthony H Futerman},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={170 1-2},
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) occurs in multiple molecular forms differing in their quaternary structure and mode of anchoring to the surface membrane. Attachment is achieved by post-translational modification of the catalytic subunits. Two such mechanisms are described. One involves attachment to catalytic subunit tetramers, via disulfide bridges, of a collagen-like fibrous tail. This, in turn, interacts, primarily via ionic forces, with a heparin-like proteoglycan in the extracellular matrix. A… CONTINUE READING
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