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Modernization and Mental Health: Suicide among the Inuit in Greenland

  title={Modernization and Mental Health: Suicide among the Inuit in Greenland},
  author={Markus J. Leineweber},
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Greenland's future : narratives of natural resource development in the 1900s until the 1960s
This doctoral thesis identifies and analyzes narratives of Greenland's future that emerged in the context of developing and modernizing the dependency's natural resources industries in the 1900s un


The circumpolar Inuit : health of a population in transition
The circumpolar Inuit: Biology and culture in Arctic adaptation and the social pathologies are studied.
Suicide in Greenland.
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Forty Years of Cultural Change among the Inuit in Alaska, Canada and Greenland: Some Reflections
The peoples in the arctic regions have experienced unprecedented cultural change in the last 40 years. The Dene, Metis, Samis, Athapaskans, Inuit and other aboriginal people in these regions have all
Suicide and attempted suicide in Greenland
In a study from Greenland's major township all cases of attempted or completed suicide among Greenlanders are analysed for social, emotional, somatic, and environmental predisposing factors in comparison with a non‐psychiatric, never‐suicidal, matching group.
The epidemiology of suicide
Most of the authors' knowledge of factors precipitating and associated with suicide risk comes from psychological autopsy studies and large, long-term follow-up studies, which have increased their understanding of suicide.
Accidental deaths and suicides among Alaska Natives, 1979-1994.
Relation between attempted suicide and suicide rates among young people in Europe.
The recent increase in attempted suicide rates in young male subjects in several European countries could herald a further increase in suicide rates.
Are there social correlates to suicide?
Immigration, Acculturation, and Adaptation
La psychologie interculturelle a montre qu'il existait des rapports etroits entre le contexte culturel et le developpement comportemental de l'individu. Cette relation etablie, l'effort des