Modern researches on Blood Stasis syndrome 1989–2015


BACKGROUND Blood Stasis syndrome (BSS) is one of the major syndromes in Traditional East Asia medicine (TEAM). Modern research of BSS began in the late1980s. METHODS We searched in PubMed for BSS-related articles published between 1989 and 2015. The publication information, study contents, and bibliometric indicators were documented and analyzed. RESULTS Most of the BSS-related studies were conducted by Chinese researchers in China. The number of publications on BSS-related increased rapidly in recent years, so did the quality of them. The disease diversity of BSS-related studies increased along with the number of publications. Yet the academic influence of them remained on average low; further, the diagnostic criteria of BSS were not uniform. CONCLUSIONS BSS-related studies have increased in quantity and quality, but there are limitations to them which require improvement in research productivity and academic influence.

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