Modern operational mathematics in engineering

  title={Modern operational mathematics in engineering},
  author={Ruel Vance Churchill},
Theoretical and analog studies of the effects of nonlinear stability derivatives on the longitudinal motions of an aircraft in response to step control deflections and to the influence of proportional automatic control
Through theoretical and analog results the effects of two nonlinear stability derivatives on the longitudinal motions of an aircraft have been investigated. Nonlinear functions of pitching-moment andExpand
Non-linear Non-Iterative transient inverse conjugate heat transfer method applied to microelectronics
Abstract Solving for temperature profiles given boundary conditions, geometry, and material properties is relatively straightforward given the wealth of analytical and computational techniquesExpand
A Study on Charpit’s Method for Finding the Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of First Order with Three Independent Variables
In this paper, we have studied the non linear differential equation of first order with three variables. Also we have studied the necessary and sufficient condition that the surface be integralExpand
Implementation Peculiarities of Transition Processes Analysis Algorithms in Dynamic Systems by Laplace Transform
  • E. U. Chye, A. Shein, K. Zmeu
  • Computer Science
  • 2019 International Multi-Conference on Industrial Engineering and Modern Technologies (FarEastCon)
  • 2019
Various versions of algorithms for calculating transient processes in dynamic systems using the Laplace transform are considered, important for solving a wide class of problems of analyzing the dynamics of systems of various technical fields. Expand
The Difficulties of Theoretical and Applied Learning for Mathematics Subject in Primary Schools
Mathematics one of the important subject in primary schools, it is the best criteria for evaluating the ability of students level for learning and understanding. The problem is the students feltExpand
Elastic and Viscoelastic Poisson’s Ratios: The Theoretical Mechanics Perspective
A recent review publication presented an extensive and comprehensive assessment of the phenomenological relations of Poisson’s ratios (PRs) to the behavior and responses of contemporary materialsExpand
A Numerical Analyst's Fifteen-Foot Shelf
This article is a proposed list of about 150 essential titles in class A, a laboratory of numerical analysis, with computers, coders, problem analysts, and research mathematicians, divided into five categories, of which four have been split into subcategories. Expand
A perturbation model for stratified thermal energy storage tanks
Abstract A single phase perturbation model has been developed for the characterization of the behavior of packed-bed thermocline thermal energy storage tanks, derived from the one-dimensionalExpand
Introduction of Derivatives and Integrals of Fractional Order and Its Applications
Fractional calculus is a branch of classical mathematics, which deals with the generalization of operations of differentiation and integration to fractional order. Such a generalization is not merelyExpand
A Simple Solution for the Damped Wave Equation with a Special Class of Boundary Conditions Using the Laplace Transform
It is proven that for the damped wave equation when the Laplace transforms of boundary value functions ˆ(0;t) and ( @ˆ(z;t) @z )z=0 of the solution ˆ(z;t) have no essential singularities and noExpand