Modern management of anastomotic leak after esophagogastrectomy.


From 1970 to 1981, 167 patients, aged 35 to 84 years (mean 61), underwent resection of 94 adenocarcinomas and 73 squamous cell cancers. The operative mortality was 8.9 percent. Anastomotic leaks occurred in 19 patients (11.3 percent), including 18 of 72 (25 percent) after operations for palliation and 1 of 95 (1 percent) after procedures with curative… (More)


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@article{Wilson1982ModernMO, title={Modern management of anastomotic leak after esophagogastrectomy.}, author={Sarah Wilson and R. Stone and M Scully and Larry Ozeran and John R. Benfield}, journal={American journal of surgery}, year={1982}, volume={144 1}, pages={95-101} }